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50 Perennials | Blazing Star

Liatris spicata also known as Blazing Star is a beautiful purple perennial. Its grass like foliage and tall blooming spikes attract butterflies, birds and bees. Liatris is a great cut flower and is deer resistant. Plant with Bee Balm and Black Eyed Susan’s for a vibrant garden. (Liatris spicata) #perennials

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50 Perennials | 13 Easy To Grow Perennial Flower From Seed

13 easy to grow perennial flowers from seed | Grow these low care perennial flowers that bloom all summer long in the full sun or partial shade from seed to save you on the budget for gardening, perennial flowers will come back year after year. #perennialflowergarden #cottagegardenideas #perennials

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